Expert in perforated sheets, expanded metal and wire mesh.

Almetaal was founded in 1996 with a focus on custom metal products. We offer our customers a clear guarantee: “We can handle just about any project requiring metals with holes. From the most basic to complex jobs – we are the ones to call.” While Almetaal was founded with a focus on custom metal products, our approach doesn’t stop there. We also have a wide range of standard products in stock. That means we can offer the perfect solution to suit almost any need. Over the years, Almetaal has built up a solid reputation on the European market. With an extensive network of specialized suppliers, we always give 100 percent in order to ensure your specific requirements are met.

Almetaal has made a conscious decision to remain small-scale, so there are no tedious in-house processes standing between you and fast and flexible service. We work together with you to find your perfect solution. Our expert sales staff is familiar with the particular needs of all our clients and has the knowledge to help you from the very moment you contact us. You can count on Almetaal to deliver the quick, quality service you deserve. Our approach is to build long-term relationships with our clients – and the results speak for themselves.

Our products

We have an almost unlimited range of products to offer. All technical capabilities of our extensive international network of specialized manufacturers are within your reach. We can offer just about every metal finishing process: from simple shearing processes to complex (laser) cutting and welding tasks, and from powder-coating to polishing and anodizing. This is only a small part of our possibilities. We are happy to handle the process and risk of metal processing for you.

At any given time, we have around 1500 standard items of expanded metal, perforated metal and wire mesh in stock, providing our customers with one of the widest selections of metal products in Europe. These products are ready to be shipped out and can even reach you within 24 hours of ordering. So you have the materials you need fast. If, by any chance, we do not have the product you require, we guarantee fast service, so that your needs are met. In addition, we are happy to permanently stock any item for customers who regularly require a certain product.


Almetaal is always ready to prove its mettle to its customers. We are special for small and large projects. We are ready to advise you on the most suitable materials as well as finishing techniques for your project. Together with you, we end up with a product that is ready for use or assembly when delivered. Everything we do is to reach this single goal: provide you with ready-to-use metal products for optimal efficiency.

What you see on this website are just a few examples of our customized and customer-focused approach to metal products. But our products have so many other uses. From art, filters, landings, walkways and staircases to machines and projects for the sieving industry and construction companies. Wherever you need an expert in metals with holes, Almetaal is there.

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